this could put a big dent in my surgeries (epilady) wrote in ecrubychoice,
this could put a big dent in my surgeries

A serious problem

Fellow Ecru,

I am writing to talk about a very serious problem. This is the fourth fifth nine zillionth time I have requested to join that sex_and_race community, only to be denied by those mean mods. I am convinced that this is a clearcut example of discrimination against the Ecru, even though
A. the community info page says membership is currently closed, and
B. the community's members consist of a diverse group, including white people, and
C. I have been repeatedly haranguing the mods in their private LJs and personal emails to try to get in, finally resorting to petty insults and name-calling

From all of this evidence, I can clearly conclude that Black women irrationally hate the Ecru. WHY WON'T THEY MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR MY SPECIAL ECRU PERSPECTIVE?

Furthermore, all of the white feminists in my Women's Studies classes at [Exclusive Private University] always told me how important it was for women to assert and empower themselves in all situations. By not being allowed access to a closed, POC safe space by a Mean Black Woman (TM), I am being denied my chance to grow and learn! I am being denied my right to provide valuable alternative viewpoints to those underinformed people, who probably have never once in their life heard what an Ecru person thinks about racism! But most importantly, I am being oppressed as an Ecru-American and as a WOMAN by not having access to go wherever I want and do whatever I please, most especially at the expense of WOC.

Don't you agree, my Ecru brethren?

What can we do to rectify this very great wrong being done to my ego our people?
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