this could put a big dent in my surgeries (epilady) wrote in ecrubychoice,
this could put a big dent in my surgeries

On Ecru invisibility

so princessrugger and I were talking, and we realized how no one ever properly recognizes our Ecru heritage. Like, sometimes if my hair is cut and dyed a certain way, people will ask me if I am Welsh, or just assume I am a plain old generic white person. OMG! I am a second-generation Irish-Croatian! I am SO OFFENDED. MY ETHNIC IDENTITY IS SO SPECIAL. I AM NOT A YT. MAYBE I AM EVEN A GYPSY PRINCESS OMG.

And no one EVER sees princessrugger's Scottish heritage when they see her. The girl practically bleeds tartan but people just don't understand. They just see a light brown girl and wonder if she's Portuguese, or maybe Puerto Rican? Chinese? WHY DOES NO ONE SEE HER SCOTCH ROOTS? Is it her haircut? It is totally oppressive.

We are sure this leads to all sorts of horrible invisibility and discrimination. As Ecru Americans, we should definitely meet alone, away from all the real white people, and confer about the many ways in which our ethnic minority status as white-passing Ecruians has oppressed and minimized us. Please, bring the nonconsensual blood offerings of a POC to smear on the panel tablecloth, and let's talk:

How have you been most oppressed as an Ecru-American who unwillingly passes as white? Examples might include:
• Not being followed around a store by security because they have an APB for the blond, blue-eyed sorts
• Not being pulled over, yelled at, arrested by, beat the crap out of, or talked to like an idiot by cops for driving while Irish
• Not experiencing institutional racism and practical racism on a daily basis because OMG EVERYBODY HATES THE SCOTS AND THEIR EVIL RED RED HAIR
• Um, all that cool other shit non-passing POC get the glorious luxury of experiencing on a daily basis that I am DENIED as an ethnic minority Euro-mutt

Personally, I feel really oppressed because I can't take advantage of all these awesome POC perks my non-passing friends get all the time. It's just NOT FAIR. My Ecru friends, what injustices have you suffered? We are now accepting calls for an anthology, or several. As I type this, I am SO NOT IN JAIL OR SHOT BY COPS, AND THAT IS NOT FAIR.
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