zurcherart (zurcherart) wrote in ecrubychoice,

A Question of Ecru Pornography

Is it too early in our fledgling movement to discuss the issue of pornography and whether the existence, or lack of, an Ecru genre of pornography is a sign of progress or a sign that we have a (business) opportunity to reclaim our own erotica?

I've been mulling that question over after reading a related reader's question about Native American pornography in this week's Savage Love advice column by Dan Savage via LJ syndicated feed here.

I'm somewhat inspired by the comment that litch left on the feed. He writes,
It wasn't until I moved to the South (Texas) from the West that I disovered how popular interracial porn is, I guess if you aren't raised in a racist milieu it isn't "kinky". (here)

According to his profile the 40 yo litch moved from Tuscon, Arizona (The West) to Lufkin, Texas (The South) in 1985 at the age of just turned 17 to go to college. And he raises a good point.

Which got me thinking, and now I pose the question to you: Is it time yet to address or even to reclaim (thru lucrative membership based websites) Ecru eroticism?
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