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Finally, a loophole out of white!'s Journal
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in Finally, a loophole out of white!'s LiveJournal:

Monday, January 25th, 2010
12:01 pm
Imagine my Surprise
This link is really all kinds of wrong.

The Sedona Sweatlodge Incident: Don't Poke The Dragon!

Taken seriously--as it's meant I think to be taken--this link is repugnant.

But I end up posting it here for the unintended self-parody and comic relief. And the sublime line, "Imagine my surprise when I arrived in this body, looked in the mirror and discovered I was a white chick!"

Poe's law ...

It just occurred to me that maybe someone's taking the piss.

I just realized that that entry is the only one on her blog. And while Virginia is a real person ... I wonder if someone has created a parody of her/other white chicks offering shamanistic services.

Still, "Imagine my surprise when I arrived in this body, looked in the mirror and discovered I was a white chick!"

ETA 2: Ok. A friend of a friend saved this for posterity. The original post is gone ... make of it what you will.

Freezepage: Yes Virigina, there is a a white girl in the mirror.
Thursday, October 30th, 2008
7:58 pm
In honor of our next President, O'Bama

Clearly, this is a glorious moment for the Ecru.
Saturday, September 6th, 2008
2:27 am
norman rockwell: ecru activist
My dearest ecru brethren and sistren:

As we are both people of color, I feel delighted to present to you artwork that you can hang prominently in your living rooms, pin on your cubicles or tape to your dashboard to serve as a reminder of your strong and glorious history. It seems that in 1959, famed painter Norman Rockwell sat at his canvas and produced "A Family Tree", something I think we can all identify with at least a little bit:

As you can see, this young fellow's great-grandmother was a beautiful Native woman, who may have given birth to a young blonde or cowboy. No matter the details! The point is that she exists. Also! Look at the bottom: pirate aside, this young man seems to be the descendant of a Spanish princess! Yes, I'm aware that she was from Europe, but as he is indio, es imperativo que el joven aprende español, claro que sí!

My heart swells with pride for you all.
Friday, September 5th, 2008
12:22 am
A Question of Ecru Pornography
Is it too early in our fledgling movement to discuss the issue of pornography and whether the existence, or lack of, an Ecru genre of pornography is a sign of progress or a sign that we have a (business) opportunity to reclaim our own erotica?

I've been mulling that question over after reading a related reader's question about Native American pornography in this week's Savage Love advice column by Dan Savage via LJ syndicated feed here.

I'm somewhat inspired by the comment that litch left on the feed. He writes,
It wasn't until I moved to the South (Texas) from the West that I disovered how popular interracial porn is, I guess if you aren't raised in a racist milieu it isn't "kinky". (here)

According to his profile the 40 yo litch moved from Tuscon, Arizona (The West) to Lufkin, Texas (The South) in 1985 at the age of just turned 17 to go to college. And he raises a good point.

Which got me thinking, and now I pose the question to you: Is it time yet to address or even to reclaim (thru lucrative membership based websites) Ecru eroticism?
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
9:27 am
The uniform of our people
Although I think we should call it regalia, because it's more respectful of our glorious heritage and storied past.

It only comes in small sizes, but there ARE two of them (4 and 6), and the price may seem sorta steep, but if you buy now, you can take an extra 25% off!

It just goes to show: we Ecru are glamorous AND inclusive!!!! Except of the non-Ecru.
Thursday, June 26th, 2008
6:26 pm
Ecru Power!
As suggested by lavendertook, a fitting icon for the essence of Ecru Power:

Current Mood: inspired
5:00 pm
i have just discovered a series of haircare products designed specifically for us! no more will we have to dig through the 98% of the haircare section of the drugstore catering to white people. check it out: ecru new york.

Current Mood: validated
2:45 pm
A serious problem
Fellow Ecru,

I am writing to talk about a very serious problem. This is the fourth fifth nine zillionth time I have requested to join that sex_and_race community, only to be denied by those mean mods. I am convinced that this is a clearcut example of discrimination against the Ecru, even though
A. the community info page says membership is currently closed, and
B. the community's members consist of a diverse group, including white people, and
C. I have been repeatedly haranguing the mods in their private LJs and personal emails to try to get in, finally resorting to petty insults and name-calling

From all of this evidence, I can clearly conclude that Black women irrationally hate the Ecru. WHY WON'T THEY MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR MY SPECIAL ECRU PERSPECTIVE?

Furthermore, all of the white feminists in my Women's Studies classes at [Exclusive Private University] always told me how important it was for women to assert and empower themselves in all situations. By not being allowed access to a closed, POC safe space by a Mean Black Woman (TM), I am being denied my chance to grow and learn! I am being denied my right to provide valuable alternative viewpoints to those underinformed people, who probably have never once in their life heard what an Ecru person thinks about racism! But most importantly, I am being oppressed as an Ecru-American and as a WOMAN by not having access to go wherever I want and do whatever I please, most especially at the expense of WOC.

Don't you agree, my Ecru brethren?

What can we do to rectify this very great wrong being done to my ego our people?

Current Mood: oppressed and excluded
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
12:12 am
On Ecru invisibility
so princessrugger and I were talking, and we realized how no one ever properly recognizes our Ecru heritage. Like, sometimes if my hair is cut and dyed a certain way, people will ask me if I am Welsh, or just assume I am a plain old generic white person. OMG! I am a second-generation Irish-Croatian! I am SO OFFENDED. MY ETHNIC IDENTITY IS SO SPECIAL. I AM NOT A YT. MAYBE I AM EVEN A GYPSY PRINCESS OMG.

And no one EVER sees princessrugger's Scottish heritage when they see her. The girl practically bleeds tartan but people just don't understand. They just see a light brown girl and wonder if she's Portuguese, or maybe Puerto Rican? Chinese? WHY DOES NO ONE SEE HER SCOTCH ROOTS? Is it her haircut? It is totally oppressive.

We are sure this leads to all sorts of horrible invisibility and discrimination. As Ecru Americans, we should definitely meet alone, away from all the real white people, and confer about the many ways in which our ethnic minority status as white-passing Ecruians has oppressed and minimized us. Please, bring the nonconsensual blood offerings of a POC to smear on the panel tablecloth, and let's talk:

How have you been most oppressed as an Ecru-American who unwillingly passes as white? Examples might include:
• Not being followed around a store by security because they have an APB for the blond, blue-eyed sorts
• Not being pulled over, yelled at, arrested by, beat the crap out of, or talked to like an idiot by cops for driving while Irish
• Not experiencing institutional racism and practical racism on a daily basis because OMG EVERYBODY HATES THE SCOTS AND THEIR EVIL RED RED HAIR
• Um, all that cool other shit non-passing POC get the glorious luxury of experiencing on a daily basis that I am DENIED as an ethnic minority Euro-mutt

Personally, I feel really oppressed because I can't take advantage of all these awesome POC perks my non-passing friends get all the time. It's just NOT FAIR. My Ecru friends, what injustices have you suffered? We are now accepting calls for an anthology, or several. As I type this, I am SO NOT IN JAIL OR SHOT BY COPS, AND THAT IS NOT FAIR.
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
4:13 pm
Welcome, Ecru-Americans and Allies!
Let's start with an introductory poll. And I apologize for the America-centric nature of the questions. When some of our Ecru-European, Ecru-Canadian, Ecru-Brazilian, and Ecru-Latin@ friends join the discussion, we can make the necessary adjustments. For now, let's find out about ourselves and figure out a plan of action. We need a mission statement! An action-packed agenda! We need to publish books, produce leaflets, host panels at conventions and make some money peddling our sacred spiritual  ways in a traveling sideshow mystical earth-healing journey. So...tell us all!

Please tell us how you came to realize you were Ecru-American (check all that apply)

Someone called me out on my racism and I was like whoa
Someone called me out on my white privilege and I was like whoa
I didn't want to be left out of all the fun those ethnic people seem to have learning about their history
The great spirit Metatron came to me in a dream
I got bored of all the baggage that comes with being white
I wanted to get into POC-only space and this seemed like a great way to do it
I want to impress/relate to/get a free pass from my POC friends
I always knew I had a bigger, more exotic destiny than mere whiteness
I just think it's cooler to be a little bit not white
Other (tell us below)

And what is your exact Ecru-American ethnic breakdown (we need to police our community carefully, after all!)

I told you, Metatron told me I was native. What more do you need?
I tan, like, really easily. That must mean someone in my family wasn't white! Which means I'M not white!
My family never talked about Great-Grandma Smith's history. She must have been an Indian princess! That means I'M an Indian Princess!
My family/part of my family emigrated here recently from Europe. That means I'm not really white!
I'm Italian/Irish/Eastern European/red-headed/some other white group that's discriminated against somewhere else. That means I'm not white here!
I'm Ashkenazi. That's only *kind* of white, right?
I converted to an ATR/study native spiritual ways. So again, not really white anymore. Right?
I have The Gay/trans/lady/disabled! We get automatic Ecru status, yes yes yes?
I grew up really poor/am currently poor. So yeah. Not terribly white.
My lover/one night stand/cousin/child is nonwhite. It's contagious, right?
I am a really awesome, tireless anti-racist activist. As a "good whitey," I should be entitled to just a little bit of color. You owe me!
Other (tell us below)

What kind of hard-hitting topics would you like to see the Ecru community tackle?

Zurcherart suggested we put a lending library together. What titles would you like to see in circulation?

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