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ecrubychoice's Journal

Finally, a loophole out of white!
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deciding we don't feel like being white anymore
This community is for those of us who just think it's all too boring to be white. And those of us who are just so tired of working on our racism all the time! Here, you can learn about how to capitalize on your family's real or imagined ethnicity so you can let all that awful, unfashionable, embarrassing whiteness go and just be your new, true self.

Your new Ecru identity allows you free entry to POC-only space, lets you say whatever you want without fear of being called a racist, and gives you a free pass to silence and minimize POC without losing your "good white person" credentials -- all without sacrificing a lick of that hard-earned white privilege we all love so much.

What do you have to lose? It only takes a moment or two to google (or hey, make up- who's gonna call you on it?) your very own nonwhite great-great-grandmother. Let's get started!

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