Dx (dottieneurotic) wrote in ecrubychoice,

norman rockwell: ecru activist

My dearest ecru brethren and sistren:

As we are both people of color, I feel delighted to present to you artwork that you can hang prominently in your living rooms, pin on your cubicles or tape to your dashboard to serve as a reminder of your strong and glorious history. It seems that in 1959, famed painter Norman Rockwell sat at his canvas and produced "A Family Tree", something I think we can all identify with at least a little bit:

As you can see, this young fellow's great-grandmother was a beautiful Native woman, who may have given birth to a young blonde or cowboy. No matter the details! The point is that she exists. Also! Look at the bottom: pirate aside, this young man seems to be the descendant of a Spanish princess! Yes, I'm aware that she was from Europe, but as he is indio, es imperativo que el joven aprende español, claro que sí!

My heart swells with pride for you all.
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